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Speech Therapy Solutions & Speech Language Center

We are a progressive private practice that has provided Speech Therapy services to the Merrimack Valley and North Shore Communities of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for more than twenty years and continues to be at the forefront in treatment of a wide range of problems that affect communication skills.  We treat a full range of speech and language disorders  in infants, children, adolescents, and adults including the following:

Our Speech Services

Comprehensive Evaluations

Individual Speech and Language Treatment

Parent & School Consultation

Teacher In-services and Classroom Observations

Assistance with Educational Planning

Collaboration with Early Intervention Programs

Strategies for Language-Based Academic Learning

Home Programs

How will we work with you and/or your child?

  • Each client at the Center receives individualized treatment with the length of the session determined by the client's needs.

  • Sessions are generally 45 minutes in length.

  • For most clients an initial intake evaluation is required unless a comparable evaluation has been completed within the last three months.

  • Treatment rooms are equipped with two-way observation mirrors and sound systems enabling parents and/or teachers to observe and learn therapy techniques in a private setting.

  • Client’s goals and progress are reviewed on a regular basis and treatment is adjusted as needed.


    Check out our Speech Therapy Facility pictures.

    Experience has shown that children make the most progress in developing skills when caregivers are able to watch the clinician use strategies and carry-out activities. We offer consultation with other professionals working with your child in order to provide the most effective course of treatment and generalization of skills.

• Articulation Disorders

• Phonological Disorders

• Childhood Apraxia of Speech

• Developmental Delay

• Language-Based Learning Disabilities

• Written Language Disorders

• Auditory Processing Disorders

• Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

• Stuttering

• Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Nonverbal Learning Disability

• Pragmatic/Social Language Training

• Augmentative Alternative Communication

• Hearing Loss

• Voice Therapy

• Aphasia (Stroke) Treatment

• Swallowing Disorders

• Attention Deficit Disorder/Executive Function Disorders